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Liquidity management & TCA

Collecting our client's execution and liquidity metrics in as granular a way as possible. Identifying, measuring and tracking important execution cost related metrics such as slippage/rejection, true spread averages, latency and price decay etc.

Further to this, optimising and retaining as low an execution cost as possible by using the data and managing the composition of the liquidity pool in parallel to ETCS and modifying order routing behaviour to better optimise operations, increase TOB solicitation etc.

Connectivity & order routing tech

Improving our client’s technology stack, reducing friction and enabling faster and lower cost impact routing and execution. This is particularly important as software / hardware / latency challenges increase with increased volumes and transaction sizes.

Accessing expanded liquidity infrastructures

As size increases the goal is to restructure the client’s entire liquidity infrastructure to include multiple pools in order to decrease market impact which implies a complete order routing logic re-adaptation.


This becomes a continued effort to make more liquidity available via concurrent pools and can be complemented by optimising operations via techniques such as showing passive interest etc.

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