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We deliver concrete value taking your FX execution to the next level.

Our liquidity manager, Nick Bang

Former founder of one of the first ever online foreign exchange brokers ACM, and now CEO of ATHL Research & Technology, Nick leads the way in FX liquidity management, with a focus on building deep liquidity networks, designing highly efficient order routing algorithms, driving operational efficiency, and cutting execution related costs for his clients.

Nick's deep understanding of FX market structure, sell & buy-side experience and extensive network of contacts in the industry give him a unique advantage in negotiating the best possible terms and conditions for his clients. This allows him to achieve faster and more cost-effective execution, reducing market impact and maximizing returns for his clients.

By leveraging Nick's extensive experience and industry insights, clients can benefit from a more efficient and cost-effective approach to FX liquidity management.

With a commitment to providing the highest level of service and expertise, Nick and his team at ATHL Research & Technology are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals in FX trading and execution.

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