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ATHL is a research and technology company founded and headed by Nick Bang based in Geneva (Switzerland) that specialises in optimised liquidity management, low latency hardware, transaction cost analysis, smart order routing and creation of algorithmic logic.  It provides its services to fund managers and proprietary traders who tend to have a focus on quantitative trading.


Previously to launching ATHL, Nick Bang co-founded ACM (Advanced Currency Markets) in Geneva Switzerland which he successfully exited. Nick Bang has always been passionate about FX, trading, algos and pure mathematical challenges adapted to the markets and the realities of the trades. Find Nick Bang on LinkedIn to connect and get a full profile.


We manage relationships with venue hosts and hardware providers. We facilitate and maintain the trading engines and routing servers. Big data mining is done on our in house servers. Performance reports are generated as well as the relevant accounting.


At ATHL we develop original research in the fields of trading strategies and trade execution. We research and develop new trading strategies and the corresponding execution with collocation, server management, prime broker intermediary relationship management and data management.

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