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Fx Insights

The value of good advice

On 1bn in daily FX flows an improvement of 5$pm equates to 1.2m USD in execution cost savings or increased alpha.

On average, we reduce our clients' execution costs by $5 to $25 per month, depending on the initial sophistication of their execution infrastructure.

In the world of FX algorithmic trading, liquidity management refers to the process of ensuring that an algorithmic trading strategy has access to enough liquidity to execute trades in an efficient manner. This is particularly important in FX, as the market is decentralized and fragmented, and liquidity can vary greatly from one currency pair or pool of liquidity to another.


Effective liquidity management can mean the difference between success and failure for mid frequency and particularly high frequency trading strategies. Every year, ATHL saves its clients millions of USD in the form of tighter spreads, lower brokerage fees, reduced market impact, lower slippage or decreased order rejection rates.

Overall, effective liquidity management is critical for the success of FX algorithmic trading strategies, as it helps traders ensure that their trades are executed efficiently and at the best possible prices. By taking a proactive approach to liquidity management, traders can help mitigate the risks associated with FX trading and improve their overall trading results.

ATHL Research & Technology

Transaction cost analysis (TCA) is an indispensable tool for evaluating the quality of trade execution and identifying areas for improvement. Our team of experts assists clients in selecting the right TCA metrics and interpreting the results to make informed decisions about their trading strategies. By monitoring and analyzing execution performance, our clients can identify inefficiencies, adjust their algorithms accordingly, and achieve better overall trading results.

At ATHL, we recognize the value of having the expertise to negotiate effectively with brokers, market makers, and other market participants. We provide clients with in-depth knowledge and practical guidance on how to navigate these relationships and negotiate favorable terms. This expertise empowers our clients to make the most of their trading partnerships and achieve optimal trading performance.

In addition to these core areas, our FX Insights delve into a variety of topics, including market microstructure, regulatory considerations, and the latest technological advancements. Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to stay ahead in the competitive world of FX trading.

By partnering with ATHL, you gain access to a wealth of information and expertise that can significantly enhance your trading performance. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations, and we welcome the opportunity to support your liquidity management objectives.

ATHL Research & Technology

The importance of efficient liquidity management, price aggregation, and strategic partnerships cannot be overstated. At ATHL, our deep understanding of FX market structure and execution dynamics, coupled with extensive experience in algorithmic trading, enables us to provide clients with valuable insights and tailored strategies to enhance their trading performance.​

Effective liquidity management is the cornerstone of successful FX trading. It ensures that algorithmic trading strategies have access to sufficient liquidity for efficient trade execution. Our expertise in this area allows us to guide clients in optimizing their liquidity sourcing and management processes. By working with the right brokers and market makers, we help clients gain access to competitive pricing and deeper liquidity pools, which in turn, leads to better trade execution.

Price aggregation is another critical aspect of FX trading. By aggregating prices from multiple liquidity providers, traders can obtain the best available prices and reduce the impact of market fragmentation. At ATHL, we work closely with clients to help them understand the nuances of price aggregation, implement the most suitable aggregation strategies, and establish relationships with top-tier liquidity providers.

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